Holy Cow! Compost


*3 cubic yard minimum delivery

Mushroom Compost

Available at Hendersonville location only 

A growing medium that results from the mushroom growing process. After the mushrooms are harvested the material is aged and composted, creating an excellent planting medium with high water and nutrient holding capacity.


Leaf Compost

Available at Hendersonville location only 

Our leaf compost is mostly shredded leaves and organic material that have aged a bit.  It helps retain moisture in soil and as the leaves decompose, nutrients are released that increase soil fertility.


Worm Castings

Available at Hendersonville location only 

Pure worm castings derived from an organic earthworm farm. The absolute best organic soil amendment available. Worm Castings stimulate root growth and improve pest and disease resistance. What’s more? Worm castings also add micronutrients, and beneficial antibodies to your soils!

$18.00 / bag
$240.00 /cy
holy cow landscape bag
available in 1 cubic foot bags


Find Best Compost Products At Holy Cow! Soils

Our products are available for pickup and delivery, and you can place an order according to your requirements and convenience. We also offer you the option to buy mushroom topsoil and mushroom soil for garden, as well as pure worm castings. Work with a reliable compost company, such as Holy Cow Soils, to make the most of quality compost and enhance your yield.